Jaílson Mendonça, Paulo Henrique de Figueiredo and Arthur Chioro at the Centro Beneficente Ângelo Prado, in Santos, Brazil.
With the central theme: "The Contribution of Spiritism for a World in Crisis", the XII Free-thinking Spiritist Forum of the Bajada Santista was held in the Brazilian city of Santos, between April 18 and 21. This Forum is promoted and organized by the spiritist societies of the Bajada Santista, coastal region of the state of São Paulo, which are linked to CEPA. It is forum held annually, in the month of April.

The program of the event was composed by a series of conferences held in three Spiritist centers in the city of Santos. The first of these took place on the 18th, at the Allan Kardec Spiritist Center, where Mauro de Mesquita Spínola addressed the theme: "A New Vision of Man and the World."

On the 19th, at the Spiritist Center Angelo Prado, the conference was: "Spiritist Revolution - The Forgotten Theory of Allan Kardec", offered by Paulo Henrique de Figueiredo. The last conference, held on the 20th, was given by Arthur Chioro, from the Spiritist Group Work and Love, with the theme: "Contemporary Perspectives of Reincarnation".

Also, as part of the schedule during the event, a walk was held on the morning of Saturday 21, which toured the avenue of the coast of Gonzaga Beach and ended at the Plaza Allan Kardec, which gathered dozens of participants and called for the building of a culture of peace in society.