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Declaration of diasavowal to intolerance
The President of CEPA gives an interview to the Virtual Spiritist Gazette "Kardec Ponto Com"
Why participate in the 15th SBPE

The Brazilian Symposium on Spiritist Thought needs to be preserved as movement of renewing ideas.

XII Free-Thinking Spiritist Forum of the Baixada Santista

“The Contribution of Spiritism for a World in Crisis” was the main theme of the event held in Santos.

CEPA's Memory

Meet the first woman to be elected president of CEPA.


At the congress held in Rosario, the statute was changed and the entity became worldwide under the name of CEPA - International Espiritism Association.

A Word from CEPA

A Word from CEPA

JUN 2017

Dante LópezFormer President of CEPA (2008/2016)Much is said about Solidarity these days, when we have unrestricted access to information and that allows us to be aware almost instantaneously to the news that happen

A Word from CEPA

A Word from CEPA

MAY 2017

UNIFICATION AND UNION ARE NOT SYNONYMS Milton Rubens Medran Moreira Former President of CEPA (2000/2008) In all of Kardec's work, look for the word "unification" and you will not find it (at least,...

A Word from CEPA

A Word from CEPA

MAR 2017

Ademar Arthur Chioro dos Reis Special Adviser to the CEPA Presidency – International Spiritist Association   2016 will be marked as a year in which the world was devastated by crises - nationally and...

The word from the President

The word from the President

NOV 2016

Jacira Jacinto da Silva President of CEPA – International Spiritist Association Dear fellow members, First of all, I would like to most sincerely thank the members of the communication team, represented by Argentinians,...